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low self esteem and confidence issuesSELF ESTEEM AND

Without self belief, self worth and the ensuing confidence such self acceptance brings, we are likely to suffer the effects of a whole host of limiting beliefs about ourselves. Frustration and inner conflict as what we try to do is over-ruled by our inner self. Anxiety, stress, depression and weight gain, to name but a few all have their roots firmly entangled in the hard, dusty dirt of low self esteem.
Hypnotherapy may help with increasing self confidence and self esteem.
If you suffer with a lack of self confidence, or a lack of self esteem, and especially if it's causing problems in your life, and you want to improve your self confidence, then please don't suffer in silence, your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem can be helped!
Hypnotherapy can potentially help improve your levels of self confidence, and self-esteem. Re-establishing self belief and self acceptance to ensure you move forward with your life and are no longer controlled by limiting beliefs.
Using hypnotherapy I have helped people overcome those negative voices and opinions of self. The aim is not to 'control', or 'manage' the problem, the aim is to resolve it completely, as if it never existed. Managing and controlling takes effort and energy and drains us of resources needed to complete the task in hand.

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