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indecision and willpowerAnxiety & Panic Attacks
When anxiety or panic attacks strike, they can have a huge effect on a persons life. If you find that you suffer from these anxiety attacks or panic attacks, or general feelings of anxiety (general anxiety disorder), maybe even for no obvious reason, then hypnotherapy could be the help you need to free you from this problem.   
The anxiety can manifest itself as a simple, but unexplainable feeling of nervousness, through to a full-blown anxiety or panic attack. The symptoms of a panic or anxiety attack are wide ranging, and can include palpitations, tingling in the extremities, shortness of breath, sweating, a feeling of light-headedness, feeling hot or cold, feeling sick, fear of losing control, fainting, or feelings of unexplained but impending doom.   
Anxiety is part of everyday life... under the right circumstances it is perfectly normal. However, when anxiety attacks are unexplained or frequent, then it's time to get the help that can put you back on track.   
Can hypnotherapy help with panic attacks and general anxiety disorder?
General anxiety and panic attacks are caused when a present situation causes 'old' emotions and feelings to come to the surface.   
Often, the person suffering the attack doesn't have any conscious knowledge of what these 'old' memories were... Hypnoanalysis seeks to uncover these 'old' memories and remove their effect.  
For a Free self help guide and more information on panic attacks please see here.  
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