HypnoLife - because if not now..............then when?
What will it cost?
Each therapy is unique to each client so there are likely to be variations on this theme, so,  as a guide, see below:-
Therapy Session Hypnotherapy/BWRT
(with Rachael Slack DHP MAPHP)
approx. 60  minutes includes all analysis and  
background preparation of sessions  specific to you)                                                                              
75.00 per session
Stress Management Programme
Consists of a 2 session programme over 2 weeks to reduce stress levels and anxiety.

8 week Programme MCBT one to one with Rachael Slack DHP
425.00 (payable in advance)

Relaxation Session
Approx. 1 hour
Weight Loss Programmes available - hourly rates apply.
Award Winning  
'Easy Quit Smoking Programme'