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Would you like to have the edge in your sports performance?

Sports performance sessions help you achieve the results you want in the fastest possible time by using a combination of hypnosis and NLP techniques. These techniques can help you ensure that every practice or workout is your best by:

                          • Increasing your determination and commitment to stick to your training sessions
                          • Creation of 'flow' - separating yourself from distraction - zoning
                          • Clear goal setting
                          • Focussing on success
                          • Eliminating fear and anxiety prior to an event
                          • Overcoming blocks and limiters
                          • Raising self belief and esteem
                          • Changing negative opinions of self
                          • Help underlying fear of failure (and success)
                          • Dealing with Injury - focusing on the positives

                          With sports performance sessions we work together on the psychological game of sport, increasing focus, motivation and positivity  before, during and after sport unlike a lot of other sports coaches who focus purely just on the time spent during sport. We believe the attitude you bring to your sport, during  and after, all play equally important roles in achieving your desired results.

                          Anyone can learn the simple techniques required to achieve these results such as mental imagery, future rehearsal of success and focussing on strategy. Sports performance hypnotherapy can be used to enhance your performance for any sport including:

                          • Swimming
                          • Golf
                          • Running
                          • Multi-sports (duathlon/triathlon/biathlon)
                          • Endurance Events - particularly effective for keeping the mind from stopping the body, breaking it  down into manageable 'bite size' chunks
                          • Football
                          • Golf
                          • Tennis

                          In fact, any sport which you want to improve at, give your best and reach your goals.

                          There are many studies showing that when we mentally rehearse any movement the muscles have to make tiny micro movements, this enables the body to learn how to move and perform at its best during actual play.
                          Many professional athletes also use mental rehearsal to practice their game when they are unable to play due to injury.

                          For help any advice on ways to improve your performance,focus on your goals contact me here or call/email - details below.

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                          Mobile: 07590034127
                          Email:  rachaelslack@hypnolife.co.uk